Staff Assited Home Dialysis


Liberty Dialysis is excited to introduce another dialysis choice to our patients! Staff Assisted Home Dialysis allows our patients to remain in the comfort of their own homes, and receive hemodialysis. An experienced dialysis nurse will come to your home 3 times per week and provide a safe, effective dialysis treatment to you or your loved one.

With Staff Assisted Home Dialysis, dialysis equipment will be brought to your home and set up in a very small area of your bedroom or living room, or any other area that you designate.

Some of the benefits of choosing Staff Assisted Home Dialysis are:

  1. One-on-one care provided by an experienced dialysis nurse
  2. Remaining in the comfort of your own home
  3. A flexible treatment schedule which allows you to fit your dialysis around your work schedule or around events which are most important to you. Our current Staff Assisted Home Dialysis Patients have shared the following comments regarding their experiences.
  4. “It gives me a greater sense of freedom”
  5. “Staff Assisted Home Dialysis allows me to spend more time with my family, in the privacy of my own home.”

If you would like more information on this modality please feel free to call 972-351-8575. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Let Liberty dialysis staff assist you in determining whether your insurance is accepted for this type of dialysis.